Sunday, September 2, 2007

Jamuan Pengawas

Actually, i don't wanna think or write about this. But i think i have to. 18th August 2007. With a theme, ' A day to remember'. Hell yeah, I'm not going to forget this moment. When things turned to disaster. Hahaa we worked so hard on this. Meeting by meeting. Till some of us get bored with all these stuff. But we have to. We have to organise a 'jamuan pengawas', which was held at Flamingo Hotel. We weren't ready. I mean, no one really guided us. They only said a word or two and tell us what to do.

When the day actually came, everything were not ready. We asked them, those who made performance to do REHEARSAL. COME EARLY but they didn't except for some form 1 and 2 student did a little rehearsal. Better than nothing. And then you know, bile diorang bagi barang sume last minute, and dimasukkan dalam laptop aina, laptop tu jadi bangang. And hell yeah, they blamed us. It's okay, sbb kitoarng pun salah jugak kan. Fair lah./ But sebab kecoh tu lah time diorang tak jadi wat performance, sume hancur. Kitorang mc pun tatau nak wat pe. Aina and i were crying so badly. Afif was like so fcuked up.And we couldn't afford to continue the ceremony. Thank God Hamiza was there. She controlled the ceremony after that. Dgn mic rosak, list name tade, sume nye jadi disaster. And i hate it. I though everything's going to be fine but i was so wrong. Mcm sume effort kitorang tade gune.

So, untuk melepaskan tension, kitorang main boling. Actually i can't say it right lah. Because i;m not sure whether kitorang main boling ke berkelah. Saje buat kecoh. Agaga and that way works. We forgot about what happened kejap, But then ingat balik.Well, anything happened ada reason die. So does this thingy lah. So we learned to accept this lah. I hope next year punye ceremony tak seteruk kitorang. So, form 3 this year, do your best! DOn't be like us.(Some of them hoping next year's going to be worse than this year's!;p)

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