Monday, September 3, 2007

times square

okay,that day during school holiday, my ex-classmates and i went to times square.

we did have so much fun!ahaha. smpai pening pening naik sume tu especially dna mixer. tapi best lah. tak puas. after almost a year tak jumpe, bile dah jumpa mmg gila first, we were all panning to go back at 6 ++. It turned out ratatouille ended at 6.30. And for sure lah kat monorel tu crowd gila because sume balik keje.. we waited for almost two hours baru dpt naik! luckily ada 2 guys behind us, aina and i. handsome guys i mean. menyampuk je ckp org.ahaha but kitorang buat bodo. and that was our mistake!! patut balas so dpt lah tuka tuka myspace ke. ahaha. it's ok lah. best jugak(:

p/s: ratatouille best. that mouse comel gila! and the plot was not bad.(:

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