Sunday, September 2, 2007

Pulau Perhentian

Okay,last 17th February,2007, i went to Pulau Perhentian, which is located in Terengganu, for the first time in my life. Family day with my mom's officemates since some of them are going to work at a new place. That February 17th was supposed to be my school's sports day. And of course, i was dying to watch my sports house,which is topaz performed for kawad kaki. I was supposed to take part but , i have to go to this family day. Anyway, thank god i tak masuk because we lost. I don't know why since i wasn't there. But i think they all did their best. So tak boleh nak blame diorang lah.
Okay,back to the pulau perhentian thingy. My family and I,incuding my grandmother and an aunt of mine joint this trip. We went to jeti by bus on friday night. We arrived safely at 9.30, something like that lah, kat jeti tu,and we had our breakfast. Gila lahh after almost 9 hours dlm bas. From 11 pm to 8 .30am kitorang duduk dalam bas. Then, after we had our breakfast, kitorang pun pegi lah naik bot. Wow, since we arrived there later than what they expected, bot tu bawak ke P perhentian tu gilaa laju. Laju nak mati. Smpai one budak kecik tu merayu rayu kat pakcik bawak bot tu suruh pelan. She was crying like hell! Sumpa kesian. And then tgk si Haiqal tu melompat lompat atas bot. Agaga padan muke. I was okay cume kadang kadang melompat jugak. Ombak time tu mmg kuat + bot yg laju mmg kitorang gile suffer ar.

Hahaa then after sampai, kitorang amik bilik. Which is not that big but ok lah,then we ate. Then, kitorang naik bot g scuba diving. Yay that was my first time!! Best best. I can't believe seeing fishes live dlm laut. Mcm mmg giler terpegun. Ahahaa jakun kan? Then kitorang g air mate air ape ntah. And mandi kat sane. You know what, the view wass soo beautiful. I was like.. "Oh My God,i don't believe this..!". Sumpa lawa gila. And then biler balik bilik pegi siap mandi laut pulak.. Haha i don't remember the last time mandi laut. Dah lame tak mandi laut. And the sea was soo clear! Even after pergi kat tempat dlm tu, i can see my leg. hahaa. Love it! That night makan bbq and have a chat with a friend of mine for almost 2 hours. Sometimes join jugak budak budak kecik main ape ntah. Ahaha. Then before tido kitorang main tutup botol, which i lost!i got 0 mark!!That's so unfair. I wasn't concentrating okay!

February 18th 2007

Okay i woke up at 8 am and had a breakfast. Then at 8.30pergi mandi laut balik till 2.00 pm! Haha no wonder lah my face dah jadi tan! Tak pakai sunblock pulak tu. My nose dah jadi redding so did my cheek! Then we had our lunch and at 4.30 pm, terjun balik. Hahaa. Actually that day acara bebas, which means we can do whatever we want. Sadly, i don't know how to play volleyball. Fine,kalau main pun mcm orang gila so better tak main kan. So i just watched them. That night melepak dpn bilik enjoying the view.

February 19th 2007

Early in the morning, after having our breakfast, time for us to go back to kl, which was so frustrating. Because mmg tak puas lagi..I miss the momentss..I wish i can turn back time so that i can go back to those moments.

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