Sunday, September 2, 2007

A journey

Nobody knows how i feel,
How i was thrown into a world,
full of hatred,
how i was thrown into an ocean
full of dissapointment

When i turn around,
all i can see is darkness,
i am so alone
sometimes i try to convince myself that there are still people who care,
but i am so weak,
i fail on believing myself
i fail on doing things i want to do
.without even trying.

and here i am,still
in a dark room,
with nothing but the sound of the wind,
but as time pass by,
i can see light shining little by little
then i started to realize
that there are still hopeand
i know that i have to try,
chase my dreams,
and make a better life,
then,my life will be more meaningful and valuable,
full of cherish,light,and joy..

was created by nur hanina jugak.

time tgh bosan,

di malam hari.

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