Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Friends, i am so missing you guys like thousand million trillion lemon lemon times and daaah?

i don't know why but i haven't get the chance to actually talk and laugh and talk and laugh and scream so hard that my stomach and liver and pancreas and heart and every organs i have in my bodyy burst ,with you guys and i miss those moments.:(

and even sometimes when we hung out i just felt awkward
yah trillion times true that i'm the only one who feels like that but duh what do you expect,?
i was gone for months while you guys keep treasuring the meaning of friendship without me. *sigh*
feel like everybody has been busy and we have no time for ourselves *sigh again*
and i just realized my pictures with them are mostly gone * cry cry*
where did i save those pictures?
i believed we took dozens of pictures but where the hell are they?
i want those pictures back waa T_T

milah milah milah imy so much
rindu nak ckp ngn milahh
and don't ever think that aina and i trase or anything like that bile milah dgn tan = =
we understand and and and never ever everr trase :D
we still love you the way we always do *promise!*
sayang milah double triple double lagi triple lagi
life is not the same without you dah la milah tade facebook pstuuu da g blaja tak cutii baru jumpe skali ari tu tu pun kejap + tak dpt banyak ckpp :(
nk nanges bace post milah kt myspacee T.T

and you know, some of them i've lost contactRemove Formatting from selection
such as nisa and raudhah * darling how come?! you have blog too right?! activate it! *
now seriously i want us to go back to form 5 surely without spm
and enjoy ourselves to death

am looking forward to meeting mea too.
we have to meet before i go to egypt okay
i haven't give you the present yet.


a M i e said...

i'm missing my frens t0o.. huuu~

Anonymous said...

semua orang dah start rindu zaman sekolah. tapi yang pasti bukan spm. kau sabar n doa je k.. jgn sedih2. kaun kan kene kuat, bakal doc :) insyaAllah