Tuesday, January 13, 2009

my new life

It has been almost 4 days since I arrived here. Life? Kind of miserable and also complicated. I am still trying to adapt myself into this situation and its kind of hard. They got us a house. Kind of big and also comfortable . I am going to live here with other 6 housemates.
Second day was the hardest day here. Why not the first/? Or the third? Haha the first day there were still a lot of people around me and I didn’t have the chance to think or being too bloody emotional but the second day got me thinking. I miss my friends and family. I keep staring or hugging the presents they gave especially those two bloody bears syafiq and tan/milah gave and I even wore the bracelet amir and sherry gave and keep looking at the bookmarks syiqa and amer gave. Not to foget using the organizer kaknyah and kakyang gave, it was so bloody depressing, fyi.

Well my other housemates kind of having fun with their conversation and everything and instead of joining them, I just slept alone in the room. And fyi again, it is so effin cold here especially at night! Yes, when my house is at the top. The 7th floor not to forget, haha we need to climb the stairs and I feel so bloody exhausted everytime I reach here. I will feel exhausted started on the 5th floor but I have to force myself to keep climbing the stairs!

I cant really eat the food here. Since on plane, everything they gave, I only ate a little and put it aside. Yesterday was the very first time I found something I could eat. Bolognaise spaghetti! At last! I ate them all kind of yummy but I prefer milano’s one. Haha still cannot beat that one but okay la to fill my empty stomach,

People here are friendy hehe especially on the trenco. Haha that girl even said “you beautiful” hee thanks a lot. Its really hard to communicate with them when I don’t know how to speak their languange. And I forget already things I learnt when I was in form one to three.hehe I need to recall back everything I learnt.
p/s: ustaz! Saye meyesal tak amik arab form 4 ngn 5!-.-“

yesterday we went shopping and It was fun there was many shops and a lot of things to buy. I only bought a jacket yesterday. I need to buy a drawer, a closet and a table and chairs. Going to cost a lot of money adoy have to start controlling my shopping desire!
Well that’s it I havent transfer my pictures going to upload them soon. Btw I really miss malaysia. I still cant believe I’m already here. Miss you guys already don’t even think about forgetting me or else I’m going to put you in the ground;D toodles~


Irfan F-one-R said...

suker la kau ek.. hahak..

aku cume jeles jer psl dah ader org lagi advance dr aku.. tapi ape nak wat dah mmg nih jalan aku kalo tak mmg dah lame dah aku gi oversea sbnarnyer.. aku jer ngade2 nak masuk UIA..

har3... ape2hal pun asalkan kau happy sudah.. cube try ingat balik waktu sesi penukaran form 3 ke form 4 dulu.. bagaimana 'nikmat' nye belajar add math yg jauh bezzo ngan ape yg belaja waktu form 3 dulu..

skang nih situasi die lebih kurang jugak.. but its more harder...

Sumayyah said...

im damn sad!! u evn invite me 4 da frewell party!! di pinggirkan betul.. benci sgt ke kat ak nie.. sdey yerr!!!!!!
neway.. insyaALLAH klu xde ppe halangan.. jmpe la kt sne nnt..

Greenri said...

nina2...jgn sedih2..ktorang x lupe awk..mse "panjat" tangge tu ingatla yg awk da maju selangkah dari ktorang n u should be proud of it, n also awk ptt syukur2 sesangat sbb dpt blaja jejauh n amik course yg kt teringin sgt tu...hehe..

jgn sedih2 tau!..msk le bbyk mknn kat sane, kt tamau tgk awk kurus..nina yg gemuk sket n agk berisi amat sweet n talkative(awk x gmok pon senanyer, seriously)..i dun wanna lost her..soo..jgn jadi kurus ye..keke..

anggaplah naik tangge tu aktiviti yg menghiburkan,OK!...hahaha..

kt akn sentiasa ingat kat awk..so awk pon jgn lupekan kt eh..doakan kt berjaya gak kat sini..aminn...awk pon same..

pnjang gler...haha..jaaa nina..i'll miss u..

Puteri Sepi said...


curier kat sne mahal x???

klau x mahal sgt, jgn lupa kirimkan aku sorg Pak Arab yg hensem2 taw...

buat replacement utk junid ;)

Syawalina said...

heyhey. kakak hariz eh? hehe :)

good luck in egypt. my cousin's studying medic kat alexandria. ihsan wahab. hehe. mne tau, tibe2 sama uni ke :)