Monday, December 29, 2008

12 days to go. wah wah egypt here i come

ooh too many questions.
haha this is a big shock to me .

my uncle came to my house yesterday and went "nina, you're going on jan 9th, about 13 days from now"

how was i supposed to react,
should i cry, laugh, shout, cry or what?
haha that was a big shock since i am so not ready to leave home, to be specific, leave malaysia!

200 malaysian students went there last november so i'm the third batch, along with other 25 students. second batch, 25 students, will be going there on jan 2nd, a week earlier than me.;D
so when i get there, i need to rush a little because they actually want us to move to second year together with the first batch, which went there last month. so instead of having 3 months of holiday, we'll be having only 3 WEEKS of holiday. duh , and we need to pay real attention if we want to catch up. sucks right? but the thing is, i'm going to second year on september. hee. btw the name of that university is zagazig university. unique name right? haha

so my first step, took pictures for my passport which, i'm going to make tomorrow.
and then kene buat visa.
and i made a new spec.
weh weh dpt spec baru bes, spec lame ntah mane pegi.haha
wah i'm going to do everything on my own. and i got my own things. no need to share no more
so i'll have my very own laptop yay yay digital camera yay yay and my own house. okay la this one need to share. -.-"
but what i'm thinking right now is what am i going to do there
i mean, watch tv, duh i don't understand their language, um handphone, who the hell am i going to message pun, laptop, need time also to connect the internet line, so probably there won't be internet line for about a few days,
and books? i don't have books also. haha probably i'll buy all the books as soon as i get there.adoy

the best part is, it's cold there! so i can wear sweater all the time and that scarf at the neck, i dont know wth it is called. I'd like to wear them but we don't wear them in malaysia since it is effin hot here in this country. I don't have to worry about being called a retarded retard when i wear them there;D


Irfan F-one-R said...

bak kate daus.. buku medik.. mahal.. sgt mahal.. akak aref dpt scholarship satu juta pun tak cukop ntuk beli buku medik..

unless kau kaye tak kesah la en.. huhu..

Puteri Sepi said...


nina punya family bnyk duit..

xpe la :D