Sunday, December 14, 2008


Clearly i'm dealing with some emotion problems,
There's a lot i have to figure out,
Sometimes i'm just sick to even think about it,
about what i'm going to do next, about how i feel.

It's my dream to have a perfect life, perfect job about 7 years from now,
I just don't understand why is it so hard for myself to figure out what i want to be,
I'm jealous with people who actually have in mind what they want to be,
at least they have their mission while i'm stuck here keep thinking what is it i want to be,
talking about this really makes me feel like a complete idiot, a moron and i hate it.

and currently, i've been thinking about someone who isn't supposed to be on mind,
i have no feeling for that bloody person but i keep wondering why is it his image appears in mind? and i can't get rid of it and it sucks.
and the hell,i don't know how to explain it
i don't know why and i don't want to care cause one thing i know, i'm going to make myself not to like him because he's not the one worth thinking about.


Puteri Sepi said...

ok. I think, I taw spe yg kau maksud kan tu..

DIA=AZ, kan??


ok ok ok

it's up to u!

btw, aku pown x taw apa yg aku nak buat nnt :D

aku rase la kan..

perfect job yg kau bleh dpt dlm tempoh 7 thn dari sekarang adalah SURI RUMAH TANGGA YANG BERJAYA!!!



mne pegi bahasa Melayu kau?

aku rindu nak baca post kau dlm BM!


nina said...

bukan AZ
hahaa AZ tu yg dlm post before this,
haha yg aku da takde feeling
ygni org lain la weh
AZ tu tutup buku ah weh cite lame da tak ingat da.
hahaa ooh yeah aku akn jd istri yg bjaye
aku tgh emo la weh kene tulis english
die kene time happy tulis bm
nnti aku tulis ye darling;DD

eyemeroll said...

just become anyone you wanna be..
well..just forget about this thing..
someday,when you're in university, you'll find out soon your real interest,what you wanna be..and who are you actually..

Puteri Sepi said...

Dear eyemeroll,

your idea is so lame la!



can u change ur mentality?


btw, it's ur fingers, right?

so, up 2 u!


nina, aku menantikan post BM mu!

eyemeroll said...

Seriously,lame or not lame,it doesn't matter.

Mentality is something subjective. You have your own view, and I have my own view right?

Altough you say my idea is kinda lame, but it is what most people today did. Have you experience university's life?I bet no.

So...,do you have a great idea? i see from your comment,you also didn't know what to do in the future.haha