Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ooh banyak banyak

stop it already!


duh why am i in such a tense situation?

because, my friends always go,

"weh weh nanti mesti kau lupe aku kan,da tak ingat aku. lepas ni tak jumpe dah" whatsoever.

duh the thing is , i won't forget them. i just knew it.

come on, i still remember my ex-classmates when i was in standard 6. yeah i may not remember how they act whatsoever not that i want to remember clearly because i do not like them.

haha big confession ah?

i only keep in touch with some of them but dah, i still remember their faces and their names even that indian guy who sat behind me when i was in standard 1 i still remember him though i last saw him since like 9 years ago?

i'm the person who remembers whoever close to me.

and note this darlings

you guys remain in my heart, i'm telling you forever and ever,

we may not see each other like everyday or everyweek but memories remain so don't worry

i'm the one who should be afraid here, afraid that you guys will forget me,

duh, yeah i'm hoping 5 years from now when we walk into each other,

please do not pretend like we never knew.

that's what i've been doing to my ex-schoolmates not that i care cause i hate most of them not all of them but most of them gah!

another stupid confession i hope none of them read this.

and i love my friends, and i'm pretty sure i won't forget them

okay enough of this talk.

i've finished watching how i met your mother 3 and a half seasons.

britney was in 2 episodes of the show in season 3

hard to admit but she acted pretty well,

i mean i laughed out loud when she made her joke,

i laughed real hard

it's kind of hard to explain why i laughed since i'm sure you guys won't think what i watched is funny if i wrote her lines here,

so my suggestion ; "GO AND WATCH THAT BLOODY SHOW!"

you will laugh i bet .


duh what else/?

aah i cut my hair

haha yayy i've been waiting for this moment,

haha my long hair pissed me off.

i love my hair but i think it grew too long and it's time for them to say bye byee.

so yeah sorry zue i still remember what you said to me

"nina jangan potongg, kalau kau potong kau akan menyesal mcm kitorangg. jgn potong rambut kau dahh oke kalau tak aku tanak kawan"

haha sorry la babe. kalau aku potong pun nanti tumbuh gak,

kalau tak potong nak potong bile lagi kan,

oh another thing, i got that twilight book thanks to syiqa.

now i'm going to read that book and compare it to the movie,

seriously i think they could make that movie even more awesome,

and legen- wait for it, wait for it................................................................................................DARY!
haha addicted to barney already go and watch HIMYM!

the movie was effin slow and kind of boring,

i don't understand why everyone wants to watch it for the second time,

haha i hope new moon movie is going to be better

oh yeah raye,

raye was kind of boring at first before kak aimi came over and i started to talk to sherry.

so we talked and talked and the bad day became okayy,

glad glad glad,

and i got to play with baby hani. so cute so small. yeah the baby's name is hani, her mother's name is hani too,the baby of kak aimi's brother's pun hani and me? hanina. ala hani la jugak kan, so 4 hanis in a house

asal sume nak name hani ah

haha if ever people call me hani i'm going to smash them and kich them. geli kut.

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Puteri Sepi said...


about new moon...

u hope, it will be more better, right??


u can dreaming...!!!



because, Edward is GONE!!!

New Moon is about Jacob and Bella...

Separuh dari buku tu cerita pasl Bella and JACOB!


hate it!!

hate it!!

hate it!!

hate it!!

hate it!!