Tuesday, December 2, 2008

dec 1st 2008

the very first time i took a cab alone
i've grown up
haha actually we went to klcc to hang out after spm and celebrate smira's birthday
but since my house if far far from theirs,
and i didn't know how to actually go there
i decided to take a cab
i never really took a cab alone because i was always afraid
stupid, yeah i know
but i made it! it was fun the taxi driver was so kind,
i mean he told me about his children, how his daughter died because of leukimia the hell i dont know how to spell it.haha
it was fun going alone, haha sounds lame but that's the truth
so i met milah fuad syafiq tan at klcc and we went to the food court before amir arrived and smira and kembar and some other people and i need to go down again i have to wait for my friend he was late. effin late
the movie started at 1.30 he arrived at 1.35 thanks a lot, friend
whatever it is,
we watched twilight i actually sat at row f and i just realized my friends ,14,all of them were sitting at row g just behind us. duh what a coincidence.
twilight was okay but it was so slow!

edward was cute but the way he stared at bella, haish
if ever a guy stares at me like that, i'll go kick his ass try me.
okay again edward was drop dead gorgeous but i prefer him as cedric in harry potter.
much cuter and stunningly handsome. woo,
haha then we went to burger king and ate and i asked aina to take care of my bag because i went to the toilet .
i went there for only like 10 minutes but by the time i reached at burger king, they were gone!
i cursed them like hell. haha
of course who wouldn't!
i didn't have even a cent on me! even my phone, my camera, my ticket were in the bag!
and yeah right, how was i supposed to find them klcc in not that small!
thank God a friend of mine went for asar prayer at the surau i waited for him and borrowed his phone and FINALLY i got my bag back!
to tell the truth, if he wasn't there, i dont know what will happen.

then we went to aaa ape tuu name die,
kat lrt tu lupe name haha tangkap gmbar and they said they wanted to hang out at the park,
i felt dizzy actually after eating burger king i didnt know why. haha so i decided to go home early with a friend of mine
and yeah i reached home before 7!
haha i made it i made it!
it's been quite a long time since i made it
i mean reach home before 7.
how terer i am gahahaa


diana(: said...

twilight best kann(:

Anonymous said...

ahaha lembu takut naik taxi sorang2. aku waktu dalam perut mak aku lagi dah naik taxi sorang2

lolwtf padan muka kena tinggal member hahaha