Tuesday, December 2, 2008


okay spm is finally over
have i said that before?dah i donot remember and i do not care.
haha i thought this moment is the moment i've been waiting for
but, dahh.
since spm is finally over,
what do i do?
i just sit in front of this computer 24/7
okay fine minus 8 hours.i do sleep, .

my brother came home on sat and brought many many many many series i'm not going to list them out, because i do not even remember the title of the stories.
haha i watched gossip girl season 1 and finish them for only 2 days. woo.

watching gossip girl made me think and being grateful
i mean their lifestyle, american lifestyle.
to tell the truth, gossip girl is a 'jahat' one,
haha a lot of kissing scenes, free sex.
eww disgusting i know, i'm glad i'm nothing like them.

and now i'm watching how i met your mother.
it's about a father telling his children how he met their mother.
but actually everytime the story ends his children go

"is that how you met mom?"

"no, that was how i met your aunt ------"

my brother told me, until season 4 pun the story about their mom never comes out
bengong they should have changed the title of the story.haha
he kept talking about this series
"nina tgk ar.klaka cite ni...tgk tgk"
haha okay fine i watched it and yeah it was funny.
i laughed out loud everytime i watch it.
really, it was funny

i also spend my day like what? playing pool with friends.
the ym one not the real pool
haha and i keep losing,
damn i'm wonderinggg whyy do i keep losing
i just won several times,
i need to improve,
i don't want to spend money on people who won POOL for GOD'S SAKE
i need to win the bet, i don't care.duh

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