Wednesday, December 24, 2008

officially am 17 years old.

ooh i'm old already haha,
well thanks to maxis,
free call for one day
i've got to spend my birthday talking and talking and talking on the phone all day longgg.
i even slept for only a few hours because i kept bergayut on the phone with many many many people,
haha sakit duh telinge da panas da.
adoyy but dahh, once a year kut mane bleh lepas kan
so after 12 i quickly called hafiz, lame lame lame then call nisa, then mea, then aina, then zhafri then aina balik then fahriz
fahriz really really really really really got on my nerves.
sumpa sakit ati ckp ngn die.haha so we talked until like 4 am and i slept for a while pstu woke up again at 8. uh only 4 hours of sleep. i had to go to mid pulak to meet my friends. they walked so fast and i walked so slow because i was so sleepy so i was left behind. So i sat for a while on a chair in the middle of the crowd and tried to sleep. but aina called mara mara she said movie was going to start. aduh kacau je. we watched chihuahua tatau eje pstu tak concentrate pun sebb aina ah angau kejap tension je haha then makan dominos and surprisingly they bought us a cake,
i mean 6 of us, whose their birthdays are on dec,
that was my first cake though,
sedih tak?haha
anywayy thanks a lot weh i love you love you love you love you all.

then went to jj and balik and gayut again with huda and then with zainol.haha ngn zainol ah lame gile.tade keje dari pukul 8 smpai nk dkt pukul 1 pagi stop kejap g smayang ngn chat chat.thanks maxis ckp until pukul 12 je but i talked to him until almost 1.haha thanks again for the extra one hour;D

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