Friday, June 17, 2011

one hope

I feel embarrassed
It feels like the past is haunting me.
and i really need to forget the whole damn things.
Move on. the present is what matters.
it's just that with those memories, i become so fragile.
not confident, ashamed.
But i can say that i am finally getting better, hopefully again.
Bit by bit is what i can do now. Do whatever thing i am capable of doing.
For a better tomorrow.

And Oh, i've been strong for a couple of months.
but the sight of that one person is killing me.
stabbing me slowly from the back.
why can't you just go away.
why don't you just stay away.
i don't need you to break me into little pieces.

Again, i am in the exam mode.
And hopefully this short, or not so short period aint gonna make me become an ignorant.
I just hope it will make me feel closer to Him.
And the result doesn't matter.
it's how much effort i put on, the reason behind all of the struggles, the lessons i will learn after.

All the best, alexandrians :)