Monday, June 20, 2011

such a regret

well its not like me writing a very hateful post
but i can't help but to feel offended.

How come dude?
how come a simple goodluck. without even a single capital letter. without anything can annoy you that much?
how come?
and i really wished like, every name that came across my laptop and phone
its nothing personal
i didnt disturb you or anything. or maybe i did without even realizing?
well im sorry then
well i thought youre different. i respected you that much. always thought you were a great person, very nice indeed,
but i was wrong. i never really knew you. and i dont even want to
why do i have to know you in the very first place. its such a regret

its not about what you said.
its what how you made me feel about myself when you said those things.
ive been feeling inferior enough and i dont need you to make it worse.
you have officially succeeded. i finally hate you. congratulations


lemoges said...

chillax nena.aku paham.eceh~

nur hanina said...

haha aku cool je dah ni :P

Tintaroo said...

Ala...apa kena kawan2 kamu nina? Suruh balik sini, mandikan mereka dengan air 7 telaga. Susah sangat faham hati kamu. (sapa yg patut kena mandi?)

nur hanina said...

keke cite lama tak nak igt dah :P