Friday, February 13, 2009


i tried to be perfect but nothing seems worth it. (pieces,sum41)

have i ever tried to be perfect?
perfection isn't something i'm looking forward to seeing,
simply because, nobody's perfect
i am not trying to be perfect, nor being someone i am not.

I know this is a point when my life becomes different,
just in a blink of eye, everything changed,
and i am not prepared to face it
at one point, i am struggling with myownself,
who i really am?and who was i being.

The word 'always' always came across my mind.
'I always have someone to talk to'
'I always hang out and have fun with my friends'
'I always be the noisiest one'
But suddenly, that 'always' changed into the words 'used to'

'I used to have someone to talk to'
'I used to hang out and have fun with my friends'
'I used to be the noisiest one'

I tried to change the word 'used to' back to always.
But not that i am able to do it,
i tried though,
I just failed
It is not that i dont want to be like others
join people around me doing things they do,
it is because even when i tried,
I don't feel that i am needed,
i dont belong there
and again, i am left alone

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