Saturday, February 7, 2009


Well holiday has started so we went to trip to sinai

the plan was going to sinai andd cairo but the trip to cairo was cancelled.

so kind of frustrated but overall the experiences i had there were unforgettable.


so on monday we prepared early like, at 6 oclock haha smangat bas gerak only at 4 in the morning

then we went to telaga Nabi Musa and everything

hee then that night we climbed Jabal Musa

and believe me, i was half dead !

i couldn't breathe and i cramped my leg up there; sumpa malu gilaa oke.

i thought i couldnt make it before the sun rises but i did!

yea yeaaa i watched to sun rose. it was breathtakingglyy beautiful!

climbed the mountain, which is 7000 m for like 5 hours

i was going to give up but you know, not that i can stop there and do nothing

some of the girls already gave up and went up there by camel.

hee but it all worth it. i made it up there and back down the mountain.

although my leg hurts till now.gaha

then that night went to Dahab and went for shopping bought quite a lot of stuff.

in the morning i took a horse and went along the red sea

trust me, the sea was stunningly beautiful it was so clear!

heee then we went to some places such as makam Nabi Harun, Nabi Saleh, went to lembu samiri and a lot of places.

then went back home. and back to my normal life. a boring life with no one around. ooh sorry, around people i can't stand. thank you!

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finii said...

seems like u had loads of fun :D