Wednesday, February 18, 2009


one little two little three little indians*ooh i am so missing that song

well today just want to talk about my university and how have i been doing lately.hehee well nak bangge sikit because, i am no longer afraid of corpse!weee

heheheahaha at first i was like screaming when i saw the feet of the corpse because all the body was coveredbut then when prof asked us to actually examine it, i was like, "ooh cool"and i touched it and i identified the name of the nerves, arteries, muscles etc.hehe although my eyes hurt because they just put formalin on it after removing the organs of the body.

so this is our picture on that day

hee well to be honest, i think universities in Malaysia are nicer, but well the profs here are good in teaching, based on the i said, sometimes we study anatomy in the room with corpse in it, though actually we are not using it in the lecture, in a room with no table. well that was okay but biology is the tough one. no chair! we didn't sit for like? 2 hours? and our legs hurt a lot trust me. waaaa and the laboratories are quite sadis the smell of chemicals are really strong.haha but overall the teaching is okay. i like most of the profs they will repeat what the topic over and over again if we asked them to. hee sometimes even when we said it was enough, they still repeat again.

and then, after class, my housemates and i always eat crisp in front of the gamaah. dah quite bosan actually makan bende tu but got nothing else to crisp is like a burger with mozarella in it with firah or lahmah aka chicken or meat.hehe.sometimes we eat at barbeque or pizza or anything. for people here in zagazig, barbeque is quite an exclusive restaurant, but dahh not that we are being choosy or what but i cant accept the food in many other places, barbeque is the only place where i can accept most of the foods such as spaghetti bolognaise! hee the waiters of the restaurant already recognize our faces. malu jee

just 2 days ago we celebrated amy's birthday there! hee we bought a cake at bassam and brought it there.

everyone ordered chicken barbeque except for kak amira she ordered spaghetti ala creame
so this is how the chicken barbeque looks like. looks delicious right?it tasted good too:D

and then there's one uncle who was sitting behind us offered us to take pictures with his sleeping baby. haha pelik pelik je. he easily gave the baby to us so we were like so excited to take picture with him. hee we were all so loud and noisy i think the whole restaurant heard our voices.hehe
then the waiter took our picture even they joined us in the picture.

biha and i bought a small cute purse with a mug and chocolate for her birthday present while tim and syifa and kak amira gave her an elmo bear and haizum and aineen gave her a selendang which is nice:) bes duh amy dpt banyak hadiah-.-"

so i am starting to get along with people here. well i need to do it whether i like it or not cause im going to be here for like, 6 years?


finii said...

ur pic is soooo cool sis ! :D

and it seems ur having fun there . :) miss you tho ! :)

Puteri Sepi said...

ouh. after 6 years, u'll totally forgot my name and my face.

have fun! :D

brownie said...

How come you're already studying there when the spm results arent out yet?

Qistienna said...

NINA!!! SUMPAH aku jeles oke :(

nur hanina said...

um um um hee gune result trial je:DD
ala tine insyaAllah kau pun bleh dpt peluang ni
ngeng syiqa tadenye aku lupe
and fini not as fun as when i was in malaysia

Ahmed Basyir said...

nice place.em adam involves in an accident. break his tulang peha.pray 4 him..

Afiqah Azlee said...

besttttttttttttttttt! :D

Khaulah Al-Azwar said...

like to read ur open diary.. (^_^)

org arab besa ler.. ilmu mantap, laupon univ dia tadak ler best mcm mesia sgt.. huhu