Friday, February 18, 2011

sigh -.-"

I miss Egypt.
Such a shocking confession eh?
No, not really.

You know, i've been meronggeng-ing around while right now, this moment, if this riot never has happened, i would be in egypt, struggling real hard for module 11.

yes, right.

I'd go to class in the morning, library and home.

Instead of doing all that, here i am.
watch movies, sleep a lot and and and waste my time on facebook. = ="
I feel empty. = ="
i feel like being here for a really long time isn't going to bring that much benefit
i rather stay egypt even sometimes i hate being there because i dont know where to go at night except for sitting on my chair without moving. and it sucked really.

okay the point is, i dont want to delay my study any longer.
please please let us go back
Im not looking forward to a packed schedule.
I dont know if i can handle that

but things are not okay yet okay fine i get it = ="


Izyan Hanis said...

inilah luahan seorg pelajar MUMTAZ.


nur hanina said...

bukan sebab tu lah iezyy
sebabb daripada bosan buat benda tak berfaedah
baik bosan buat benda berfaedahh kan?

siti hanisah said...

sekarang ni takde mood nak balek nina.
tak dapat bayang kalau jadual pack.

nur hanina said...

sbeb tu nak balik cpt
takut jadual lagi pack la T.T

karakoza said...

I thought I was the only one! (insert Russell Peter Indian accent)

Yeah, miss Egypt too -_-" maybe it's the routine, or because we're just wasting our time right now

you didn't tell me you're a mumtaz student. now I feel so much inferior OTL

ainaa said...

baik balik cpt sbb nanti takut cuti summer x de..
x leh balik raya kat msia..hehe