Wednesday, September 15, 2010

mathematics T.T

I used to love math

And math used to be my favourite subject
or still is? =.="

Add math was harder. So i started to get b's and c's in the exam
my add math kind of suck really

even in SPM. haha i didn't answer half of the paper. its like i know the answer to question a, but totally had no idea about the answer to question b and c

i dont know how the heck did i manage to get an a's in spm ? = ="
perhaps because the questions were wayy too hard that just a few managed to answer them so the graph also turun?(!)

I dont know what went wrong,

now if you ask me the simplest question

*a long long pause*


I saw my friend's paper something about probability

its one of the easy parts in math kan?
well i tried so hard to remember how to solve it but i just failed.

The image roughly appeared in my mind but its not enough to figure out how to solve the whole thing T.T

I miss mathematics.

Medicine use very little mathematics
only, erk statistics in the first module,

and even if we're gonna use math in the future, the math isnt going to be as exciting as it used to be

it won't be that challenging anymore(?)


i want to learn math again :(


Puteri Sepi said...

doctor la kne terror math sbb nak agak2 amount ubat yg nk kne cocok kat patients. aiyaaa.

nur hanina said...

hahaa ala stakat main kire kire tuu
sng sgt la
tak mcm add math yg pusing2 tu best .hehe

siti hanisah said...