Friday, June 18, 2010

mari jadi sopan :D

You see i know ive been posting stuff about how tense i am with books
but im not gonna write about books no more.
It makes me stress, it makes YOU stress
i know i know :P

so now im going to talk about sopan santun

'budi bahasa budaya kita'

Okay im not saying all malaysians are polite. and not all are impolite
But you see, living here makes me realize how politeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I am
*okay okay mode perasan*

but hey that's the fact. even the professors and many many other people admit that

malizi ahsan nas katenye "malaysians sebaik baik manusia"
okay direct translation i dont know how to translate it with my own words -___-"

okay things i observe that i think make them think we are polite xDD

1) most of the time we are quiet in class. okay the professor admitted that most of their students are way too noisy during the class. its amazing how we can be so quiet. echeh

2) when we meet the professors we smile at them, and say thank you after every class, we even clap for the professors.

3) we meet people older than us , we show them our respect by shaking their hands.

4) and they even said dont be like the local students. DONT CHANGE. Be who you are, like right now :P

and they like our baju kurung!
its nice really :))))
where can you see people wearing their traditional cloth to work or to class or even some wear baju kurung to klcc? wtf?
it'd be great if the guys also wear their baju melayu to class.
A guy always look better in baju melayu :P


AuLiA said...

malaysia malaysia

karakoza said...

lol I have a friend here who dengan selamba go to class wearing baju melayu

partly because he doesn't have any other shirt to wear :P

nur hanina said...

haha yeah malaysia

well in my old place they wear baju melayu ramai ramai on thursday
haha quite cool actually