Saturday, June 19, 2010


whats the odds

i wrote about how cool a guy would look like when he's wearing baju melayu
and just now one of my sectionmates wore baju melayu to class


haha he never wore one to class. no one ever did i think
maybe some but rarely. -__-"

kebetulan yang tersangat hebat :PP
macam dapat instinct je aku tulis kat belog ni pasal baju melayu :P

anyways he looks good in baju melayu *this is a point where im gonna LOL!*

and and and yes my post has arrived!
lots lots and lots of MAGGIS and TOMYAMS and and CHIPSMORE!!
taucu rempah kari BELACAN asam jawa and and stuff.
LOL tapi hot plate dah kena rampas -__-"
pinjam lah sesape punyaa.

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