Saturday, June 5, 2010

Holiday. cairo-zagazig-alexandria

it has been ages since i had my last long-holiday
life has been to busy with classes and stuff

but after our module 5 exam, we were given a 6 days holiday.
and today is the last one.

so since my internet connection went insane since a few months ago,
ive been stealing connection from level 7
but since a few days ago, their internet connection also went insane,
so i dont know how am i gonna survive -__-"

okay so the second day we went to cairo to buy some stuff
you see, my plan was to bring along my housemates and shop.
but i dont really know the places in cairo
so i asked my friend, teng to be our musyrif whatsoever.
so they were only 8 of them but the kakak and abang uitm wanted to follow along.
that made us 13 and some friends wanted to join us too that made us 16
and theres this other group 14 all of them. their musyrif was fikri.
i dont know how but we ended up going together. that made us 31 plus 9 boys who followed along
That made us 40!

aduh you know we had to stop almost 10 teksi industan everytime
and 5 taxis. note that its not easy to get a cab there
we waited for hours!

anyhow, we went to asfour and also hussein. bought some stuff
otw there we realized that day was actually 1 june.
The same day last year was the first time we met, in ksp
so we consider the trip ;our reunion' since almost all ksp students follow along :P

hehe it was darn tiring, i couldnt even feel my leg that night. we walked from morning till night.
and i was extremely exhausted

i bought some stuff for family and friends but not as many stuff as the others
because its the same thing.
i bought them already last year and this year going to the same place i didnt even know what to buy.
i ended up buying so little things, not even enough for my family and friends :(

the next day some of us wanted to go to the museum but considering most of us was extremely tired, we went home. by train. that was my first time taking a train. woo best jugak :P

Thank God i coundnt take it anymore = =

and the next day i went to zagazig and hung out with my friends,
you see i need to get away and i did.
hung out the whole day had fun all day long :P

lepak-ed with shifa and timah, cooked and ate a lot
then went to aina's and had a long conversation

theres too many updates in such a short time.
i need time to digest them all. LOL

back home and watched movie all day long.
All ive been doing is watch malcolm in the middle, feel sleepy and go to sleep. wake up continue watching, eat, sleep again. the same thing over and over again

How heaven that is.
Only for a day. more than one ill be dead = =
In a few hours i need to get back to my daily routine.
classes books tutorials assignments.

I cant wait to be home.
Be patient nur hanina. only one++ month to go. :DD


AuLiA said...

beshnye jalan2 beli souvenirs! besh jugak sebab nk balik mesia da... cni lmbt ag... 2 buln ag.. T_T

Anonymous said...

sedapnye gi cairo...hehe XD