Tuesday, April 12, 2011

new new. mari mari :D

i just have to show this

since i couldnt figure out exactly what was wrong last sem, imma improve myself in every aspects insyaAllah. its because i suck in so many things that i couldnt figure out which one exactly that caused my failure. perhaps all of em :O

so one of the things that i knew i have to do is buy a new chair and meja because the old one made me so unproductive, so sleepy and all.
Now that i have a new comfy table and chair I can sit in so many different position . :P and its soooo excitingg!! ngee

Hee im feeling good today. I know Allah made that thing happened for a reason, fosho dude! finally I feel that the semangat has finally come because i feel so malas this semester and the malas has finally gone a bit and i hope thing thang continues and please, not only for today.
I dont want the same thing to happen twice. please, nooo. traumaaa :O

You know i kind of feel ashamed of myself. of how i responded yesterday. deeply embarrassed with ze housemate, afiqah, and ze bff, gemok :( because you know they 're facing a bigger challenge yet they were so calm and all while my challenge is wayyyy too little compared to theirs yet i complained too much. to them pulak tu :( wah i wish i could turn back yesterday and undo what i did :( i was being such a jerk kan? :(
but all the challenges Allah put us in is to show that He loves us :) Alhamdulillah
I'm sorry and im so proud of you guys. :D i know so well that you can do it im putting my 100% trust on you :D

And forgive me O Allah for being such an ungrateful person. Insaf :( Tobat :(



karakoza said...

Eh? I was so sure that you just bought the keyboard when I saw the title. Never thought that it would be a new study table + chair.

And they look exactly like mine pfft lol

nur hanina said...

hahaaa you know, after what happened yesterday, i think that keyboard has to wait :P

haha how much is yours./?

karakoza said...

the table (1.2mx600cm) is 300, and the chair is 200; quite expensive for a chair but dia boleh buat sandar ke belakang :D

akumfp said...

ak pun beli meja bru lah

nur hanina said...

mine is 350 plus 150 for the kerusi pusing pusing.
hehe bluek :D

sebok la kau mfp. ahaha aku nak dptkan balik momentum study tu haha

Izyan Hanis said...

beli kat mane ninaaaa?

nur hanina said...

kat manshiah dkt ngn asrama hehehe :D

Izyan Khalidah said...

nina nina, kalo beli die hntr rumah ke kena bawak balik sndri?

nur hanina said...

kalau kt kem shiza tu dia ckp bleh anta
tapi yg kita beli ni ngeng dia tahankan teksi je. heh tapi dia la angkat smua kt rumah org teksi angkatkan xD kita bawak masuk rumah la tapi

Izyan Khalidah said...

ohh ok. tq nina. hehe teringin nak beli. rase cam best je tgok. ;p