Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the bodohness,

blame this for driving me crazy each night

temanku susah dan senang/? haiiih.

Dont i have better thing to do rather than writing this piece of shit?
Wait for it,
No i don't,

So what happened what happened what happened?
LOL nothing interesting. -.-"
Basically, im having a straight morning class this week,
except for last Sunday


You know how hard it is to wake up in the morning?
I bet you do
Since it is freaking hard for me to sleep nowadays
Freakingly hard. believe me, please. -__-"
Thats like my current-biggest-problem
Almost forgotten how it feels like to sleep so easily T_T
I was home early today, so i took the chance to watch AJL
been quite a long time since i last watched this bloody anugerah anugerah stuff.
I have to say that some of the songs are quite good
tried to download the songs since yesterday but this internet connection is effingg slow and is seriously driving me half crazy. -__-
haihh i really want to do fun things, but lol idk what to do,
having the same schedule each day makes me sick
double sick
triple sick
extremely sick,
i also want to enjoy life like others.
feel the beauty of fun.
i better get going,
tons of things to do yet i am still in front of this laptop,
typing, and still typing

p/s: i miss my sahabat seperonggengans,
bila mahu pergi meronggeng ronggang lagi?

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