Friday, January 1, 2010


Hee since internet ini sangat lah laju memandangkan semua rakan serumah bergerak ke open house kakak senior

Dan aku ditinggalkan keseorangan
tsk tsk tsk tsk T__T
Lebih tepat, aku tinggalkan diri sendiri xD

saya malas nak pegi la aiyoyo maaflah kakak saya tak tahu rumah kakak yg mana satu -__-"

Hee hari ini tahun baru
eh lawa pulak number ni. ;D

Tak buat apa apa duduk di rumah sepanjang hari menonton the arrival sambil makan maggi hot stuff
*waa tinggal 4 paket maggi hot stuff nak pos T_T*

Um menonton dokumentari tersebut aku terbangun sebentar dari mimpi yang indah.
wake up wake up!
I dont want to be a part of their plan,
which in the end will ruin ourselves.
Our mind have been badly influenced by their propaganda.
We dont even realize it because we have been living in their agenda for so long
we are forced to believe everything they say,
everything we see, shown by the media
and the truth in kept under the carpet.

from television, from newspaper, from these 2 sources you gain informations,
because the truth you know is what you get over these two shits
not knowing whether its right or its wrong,
most of them are lies, i believe,
turn off you tv
Go to God, go to yourself
those are the only places you can find the truth
*im using some of the facts i gained from the vid.

-___- the world is becoming darker.
With wars, corruption, and everything.
im not really an expert in talking about things like this
But do watch them, please. to at least think about it
then if you want to believe what you believed,
its up to you
but if you think youre living in lies,
then wake up and do something, at least do something about yourself.

uhm itu je kut yang aku boleh cakap
thanks aqel and ferot for the vids. (:


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