Thursday, January 28, 2010

money money money money

"duit dah masuk!"

"waaaaaaaa!!! aaaa!!! "

along with so many other sounds from different people
yes, everyone was excited, except for me.
But please dont get me wrong. i love money, everyone does.
But along with the money, comes another task;
money planning

duit rakyat is finally here.

Well since i have no plan for this holiday,
I used the money for shopping
Havent had this feeling of satisfaction for quite a long time.
Hahaaa didnt even have the guts to go to the mall.

But since my shoes are like koyak rabak already,
kept borrowing friends'.
i felt segan already, so i bought some new shoes and clothes to replace the old ones ;).

This is my first time having my own money
and i dont know how to manage them -____-"
whats the point?

p/s: money is the root of all evil
so watch out, the enemy may be near :)


hanif hafiz said...

money is not everything
but everything needs money


Nadirah said...

blanje aku lh jwpn nye..
iyee besol!

nur hanina said...

hahaaa exactly.
money can drive us crazy.
haish ada duit susa tade pun susaa

iyee kau ada lgi kat sini kn nk blanje nad. haha