Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kau ganas tapi feminin?

the heck with the title?

well, ive been receiving this so called 'compliment' for so many times.
and i was like ' err, okay?'


no no, i am not angry. do not, and do not get me wrong.
The thing is, i grew up around boys.
my siblings are all boys,
I played boys' games. used to play football, the bodoh bodoh one with the gate as tiang gol -___-
baling baling slipar, tumbuk tumbuk with cousins and everyone, tutup botol, i do not have barbies. yeah i did once, but my brother cut the hair and i never got a new one. i was blamed for the botak barbie.

Thanks a lot, brother.

I never had teddy bears. maybe some poohs. the free one from mcD
I used to get robot robot stuff, because my siblings got one. and i got one too
I used to hate skirts. Yes, i was forced to wear them when i was a kid and i cried, like the whole day. *memberontak sekuat kuatnya. lmao*


i wore my brother's t shirts and trousers. and i used to walk like a gangster
and people used to call me tomboy.
Until at one point, i was forced to learn how to walk straight.
i climbed the tree outside my school almost everyday while waiting for the bus,
I did not get out from the school by the main gate, but i climbed the gate behind the school for short cut.

I didnt play the sims or stuff, i played counter strike since i was in standard something i dont remember and was quite good with the game.
i used to try to play red alerts, command and conquer. okay i didnt really know how to play them but watching my siblings played them almost everyday, i became a little interested. a little. i highlighted that okay

whenever I went out with my cousin Afiq, he'd tell my friends

"kau tak kenal dia dulu. Gile gangster doh"

Thanks a lot Afiq. yes, thanks a lot. LOL

But you know, as time passed, i knew a lot of girls and became close with them.
And i learned a little bit how to be a girly girl. LOL
not that much but still,
so my walk became better, not like before.
and i wear girls clothes, handbags and stuff.

Some things do change, but some things don't

Maybe i am not as tomboy as before. I do not wear guys stuff anymore.
Not anymore. Urm sometimes maybe.
But I still love to beat people up. haha
Used to punch and kick everyone at school
especially tan ban and fuad yaw! maaf lah rakan ;p

i couldnt kick the girls because , um because they are girls?
hahaa mati lah menangis kalau sepak. Lol except for milah and aina, i can do that with them :)
but here and now, i cant kick or punch people as hard as i can no more :(
only punch the girls a few times itu pun diorang bising T_T

when i wear kebaya, wedges, heels, or anything feminine,
they went

" waaaaaaaaaaaahhhh nina ayu nyaa!"


"semenjak datang mesir dia da jadi smakin sopan kut"

"ehhh kau pakai wedges, gila lah?"

erk i used to wear them since high school kut!

the point is, however boyish i used to be or still am, ganas, garang or anything, i am still a girl,
a grown up one.
and will always be

thank you


hanif hafiz said...


SaY_WeLL said...

haha.. lawak gler.. serius ak xtaw nper..

nur hanina said...

hehe ;ppp

oooh boleh pulak mcm tuu aku gak merana ;p

karakoza said...

The heck? Is the title suppose to be an oxymoron? feminine violent? LOL

And Counter-Strike? ROFL XD

If we ever get a chance to meet, lets have a round. I'm quite good myself. :)

nur hanina said...

hahaa okay i'll use that title for another post! LMAO.

ergh its been ages since i last played cs lah! of course you'll win! ;p

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