Tuesday, January 19, 2010

one good day :)

hanina, dibah, ayu. the girls of sc makan :)

Here comes the blabbering. lol

Okay its been like months since the last rain. And i miss them, seriously shit.
So after class, ayu and dibah sort of ajak me to go for nasi mandi along with some other friends.

Nasi mandi, again? everyone seems to be talking about it. haish
and yeh, after the short meeting with egyptian culture's members, we went to mandarah by tremco. and it rained, kind of heavily :))) and not to forget fyi, the highway's beside the beach. *Can imagine how it feels like, heh?*

You have no, no, no idea how much i missed rain (not that korean rain, the other one. -__-") lmao

it felt like home :)

see? nice eh?

so long story short,

the nasi mandi kedai was closed, so we went to fathalla mandara (my first time there. found choki choki wtfish? im dying for them for like months and its here and i didnt know?? wtf wtf?)

went there again, still closed, waited for almost an hour and tah-dah, the moment of here-comes-the-rice finally arrived. weehee.

see? the guys eat a lot. yeah highlight that, a lot. going to have to write a book entitled " why guys eat a lot" gaga. not funny but i still want to laugh. gagaga.
*oh darn, im wondering, why do i keep laughing like that. i mean with that 'gagaga' laugh. -__-"

so went home after that, got off the tremco, and realized that the place was actually very very heart-calming.

so what's the rush?

we sat there, enjoyed the beauty of Allah's creation and you know, kind of trying to enjoy the moment. and yes , i found a new spot, i found a new spot.

heee it was quite enjoyable. nice one guys, nice one :)

then came a guy selling ice cream and i felt like treating my friends :) yes because i thought one ice cream's going to cost me only about genih but it turned out the ice cream was LE5.50 each. wtfishhhhhh. 10 times more than my original budget. wtf. cekik darah hah kau?! aiyoh luckily the ice cream was great or else im going to find him and burn the bicycle and the ice cream both. throwing them into the ocean sounds great too. rofl.

p/s: why mee? aku tak mahu present la sayangs oi! mana aci bincang time aku takda. korag kejam T_T idwanna do it idwanna do it!

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