Thursday, December 31, 2009

kisah 2009

Well basically 2009 has finally over and here comes 2010. So, hello 2010! :)

Im looking forward to meeting you .

Hee I think its not too late to wish you a happy new year ^__^

Im going to babble a lot in this post and this is a bloody long one so i have to warn you. its nonsense i just feel like compiling my one year life in a post. hee

A lot of things happened during this one year
To tell the truth, 2009 is the longest and the most challenging year I ever had.
My first time with everything. Hee
It started almost one year ago,
Semua nak mengenjoykan diri kan, but as for me, time nak enjoy tu kind of gone.
Echeh I had to fly to Egypt to further study in Medic,

Why medic?

To tell the truth, before this I never ever ever imagined myself, being a doctor, never! I even vowed to myself NOT to be one. I hate blood, nak inject pun takut i cant bear seeing people got cut and everything about that but Allah had it all planned for me. Now i have accept the fact that I was fated to take medic, in Egypt.

How lucky I am. Alhamdulilah :)

That was a very big challenge for me, Ive never been away from country, family, friends. I spent my 18 years in keramat around same people same place same things almost everyday. Without any preparation at all, i had to leave all of them behind. I received the news on dec 28th that my flight will be on jan 9. I had about 2 weeks to settle my passport, my stuff, all the borangs and everything. Huu sumpa rushing gile. Physically and mentally not prepared. Physical boleh jugak kan tolong tapi kalauu mental tak prepare, apa nak buat? Jadi gila sebentar. -.-"

So I arrived there safely, belajar hidup sendiri, buat kerja sendiri, survive sendiri. I think I became stronger that way
I’ve never been around strangers, yes by that time everyone was stranger. I didn’t talk to nobody. I was fcking quiet. Tak reti kawan ngn orang. I was bloody pathetic trust me -__- my fault jugak because Ive been around the same people all these years. I never knew how to make new friends by myself. Kalaulah at least ada one person I know pun okay. But I was completely alone. I became a freak, semua orang tak suka sayaa, sayaa tauu. Plus, Otak yang baru habis spm dimampatkann dengan segala jadah tentang medic saya boleh jadi bengong. So I didn’t concentrate well dlm kelas,most of my classmates tuu dah belajar dahh kt u dulu, so self esteem pun menjunam juga. Rasa diri tak pandai “ eleh diorang boleh la dah pernah belajar aku mana pernah belajar" . Banyak tgk movie sbb plannya lepas spm nak tgk semua tapi da smpai egypt tgk kat egypt lah. And then bila tengok gmbar kawan kawan semua hanging out together rasa mcm sedihh gila sakit ati. Kept saying to myself “Im supposed to be there too, Im supposed to be in the pictures too T_T then I cried like hell.

I wasn’t strong enough. Tapi as time passed by I started to get along with everyone. They became my bestfriend. I could never forget aineen, haizum, kak mira, timah, shifa, biha, mira, anati. They were my bestests friend during that time, and still are. Hee terngat pulak bila nak fly balik Malaysia diorang ckp mcm mane first time kenal rasa mcm nak sepak sepak je tapi lame lame boleh rapat pulak ;p

So thats one thing I have to admit about myself i just discovered. Kalauu baru pegi tmpat mane mane lahh kan, mmg aku tak reti nak menyampuk ke, masukkan diri dlm kelompok ke or anything. Fyi aku akan buat kerja sendiri. Aku online 24 jam, chatting, tgk movie series etc. Mmg aku tak join sape sape pun. Even time satu rumah berkumpul bersembang makan same same, aku duduk bilik tutup pintu buat kerja sendiri. Mengundang kan? Rasa mcm nak sepak kan? Haha aku ngaku. Aku pun rase cm nk sepak diri sendiri. LMAO

Okay enough about that. Last year juga I dapat result spm I, hee gune I? eiuuu tapi suda bosan dengan aku atau saya. LOL. I think I already mentioned this in my spm post. Since I was in form 2 I always wanted to take my own spm result. PMR cm tak cool kan so aku mmg menunggu lah result spm ni. Tapi dah takdir kan, I was not there so parents yang amikkan result. Hee and Alhamdulillah, I succeeded in getting straight a’s with one 2A. it doesn’t matter. I did my best and I was satisfied :) although feeling dia tak cool kan kt sini sbb 20 orang je yang tgh tunggu result kt zg dulu, mcm tak happening pulak -_____-. Kalau kt Malaysia best lahh sume orang tau pasal spm. Orang arab mane tauu kan penat aku explen everytime diorang tanya apaa tu spm. ayoyo pakcik mati la saya hari hari explain. And then some of my friends and I applied for spc, under mara scholarship, to be exact. Semua orang interview kat bangunan mara, saya interview kat cairo hebat tak? LOL hee and after some times, kitorang dapat lah reply wah wah saya dapat spc. *excited excited*.

Bby that time hatiku sudah jatuh di zagazig, so sedaya upaya kami mintak nak stay kt situu, tapi mmg tak bernasib baik. We were asked to choose. To stay or to start all over again in Alexandria. Take it or leave it. -___- aiyo kesian kami.

So, we took it. Baliklah kami ber7, cmpur budak tonto yang kami jumpa masa itu interview; Nina, mimot, ferot, sehot, serot, teng, dan akram. Haa budak tonto tu nama dia Fikri -__- Kami semua dapat KSP * di saat ini terngiang ngiang lagu shahputra di ingatan. ROFL xDD

And oh forgot to tell ya, masa in between nak dpt result spc tu, exams and tests semua had already started. And I went bengong for a while because as I said, I didn’t concentrate that well in class, so I had to studyyy like shit during the tests. I even stayed up the whole night memorizing histology haish pening sayaa aiyoyo.

Di situlah lahirnyaa keinsafannn. echehh

So I planned on enjoying my life like shit in Malaysia for 3 months top then bila dah sampai Alexandria no more lagha baby no more lagha lagha . Tamau sejarah lama berulang lah. Bila prof tanya aku terkebil kebil. Anatomy je reti jawab sbb tu je kami ulang ulang baca. Biochem haram jadah tak sentuh.

So my life in ksp was quite enjoyable. Pergi kelas main main balik kelas pun main main. Went to cinema every week, played boling, find new friends, i was glad i had a chance to actually be in a local college tho for 3 months only, and I do things that I really wanted to do when I was in zg but never had a chance to do it. I ate things I was dying to eat, those we cant get in Egypt. I met my family, old friends, met my cousins and went crazy with them.

Di ksp jugalah saya jumpa rakan baru, ada kawan baik baru :) Fly sama sama. xD After all the joys and fun, kami pun berangkat ke Egypt, but this time to a place called Alexandria, my new home baby :). I promised myself to concentrate in class, do notes, study. Balance your study and lagha lagha thingy meshi nina? Im not really a bookworm here, I don’t study 24/7 i do watch movie i do go out but not all the time. At least I study, at least I have my own notes, at least I don’t watch series all night long, at least I don’t consider everyday as cheat day. At least, not like when I was in zg, so fking lazy and hopeless.

My journey hasnt come to an end.

I learnt a little bit about myself. I learnt how to survive around people new people. I learnt how deal with different people because in my old place we were so much alike, their way of talking, things we do,but people are not the same everytime and I cant expect them to be like me. I talk bullshit all the time and they dont. Haha. Trying not to do that is like pretending to be someone im not. Sometimes i used them anyway but they went " nina tak baik la perempuan ckp mcm tu". tsk tsk T_T normal la tu mana ada jahat sgt. Urm but at least its for my own good xD

Then I learnt how to deal with myself who suddenly becomes sad at night, but have no shoulder to cry on, tsk tsk T_T I do not know to whom I should turn to, so in the end I cry myself to sleep and woke up and try to put a big smile on my face.

Sometimes i wonder, kalau aku tak pergi Zagazig kat manakahh aku? Di uitm kah? Buat A level kah? Pergi college kah? there no kah kah because im already here because i am fated to. aiyoyo. hehe

Rasa macam mungkin tak dapat sini kalau tak pergi Zagazig sebab bukan senang budak sekolah harian nak dpt fly woo. So semuanya ada hikmah. So give thanks to Allah, alhamdulillah :)

Tutuplah buku 2009 bukak lah buku 2010

Wising you all the best

and hoping this year I will experience many new things and also hoping it will be full of surprises :D

p/s: walid, walid intrnet sangat lah lembap nak bukak ini tak boleh itu tak boleh tolong lah repair please please please please please. waaaaaaaa mauu internet T.T


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