Monday, December 21, 2009


The enjoyment, excitement i felt after finishing the test yesterday was unexplainable,

really, really, unexplainable,

i felt free . weeeeeeeeeweweweeee

never ever in life we studied this hard,
not even for spm,
it is more than the excitement i felt after finishing my spm.
guess i have to start learning how to get used with this
This is just one simple test with 60 questions,
then how will i feels like studying for final? mid term?
ergh dont even have the guts to think about it. gahahaha

anyway, since it is over, it is time for me to ENJOY these few days, 3 days to be exact.
one down 2 left.
went to city center and watched the rebound. yeah yeah am lovinggg that movie
so sweet and so cute. lol. worth my LE25. :))
and the bestest thing is,
there were less than 20 people in that cinema. HEAVEN
laughed as loud as we could.* i know its a normal thing to do, but still, -___- * haha.
legs on the front chair,
taking pictures, which was NOT allowed *another normal thing which i enjoyed*
H-E-L-L-O brother, could you please let us enjoy this one dayyy?!
stop asking us to stop taking pictures! -_____________-"

back at 9 pm continue watching cerekarama i cilok-ed from nadia, then hung oit at tayna's room, watched the notebook until 2. Gosh i was so tired i couldn't make it until subuh -__-
but still, I ENJOYED IT!
*kejakunan meampau*

but still, theres a lot more ways to enjoy life other than watching movie. I know, but haha just wait till we come out with other plans :)



a M i e said...

peh p cinema x ajak pun..

Asilah said...

nina jakun tgkp gamba dlm cinema wahaha

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