Tuesday, December 15, 2009

periksa weh

our sc makan :))

Exam physiology practical is finally over,
I repeat, over
I spent the whole 2 days remembering the words, each word inside the book,
almost all in diet planning and measurements
in the end, only the equations came out.

i was kind of frustrated,
should have used the time to read physiology nutrition
the hell, its over.
one more paper to go. a big one i mean
this time, the questions thats going to come out is from the whole book,
no exception.

am i ready for it/?

wait for it..

wait for it...


LOL i wanted to make today a cheat day,
considering theres stll a lot i have to cover, i canceled my plan :((
woahhh why did they postpone the exam
im going crazy over here :(

*new ep of himym has come out. hee cant wait to watch it


Asilah said...

ade 2 gamba yg berbeza.. nmpk sngt sc ko aktif makan2 :P

Puteri Sepi said...


yg baju belang2 pkai snowcap tu hensem

bg la numb phone aku kat dia


nur hanina said...

haha mesti la wehh ktrg ske makan.huhu

eh mane boleh syiqa.
die da berpunye. haha