Thursday, October 22, 2009

campur dan tolak

life has been hard

you know trying to adapt to many kind of things.

i thought i could stand a few months before starting to miss malaysian food,

but i was wrong,

it's worse since we CANNOT cook here, yeah cool right? NOT -.-

and one of the biggest challenge everyday is to think ' what am i gonna eat today' o.o

and then, things i was afraid to happen, happened.

but i cant control it i know

im not blaming anyone,

its the situation that makes things worse

and i have to accept every single thing by heart :(

being sad is normal, being happy is also normal here.

sometimes something bothers me, and i cry the whole day

but the difference between the old me and the new me,

i started my new day forgetting all the things that bother me before

and be as happy as i could :D

not like before, carrying all the burdens i had to the next day, and the very next day

the next thing that's been bothering me is

when you dont talk to that someone who used to be your kawan-sampai-mati anymore

its weird, because you used to laugh and share everything and you were free to talk about anything to him

now it feels like he doesnt care, and doesnt exist anymore. :(((((((((

i miss the old times babe. but you know, i seldom think about this stuff but when it comes across my mind,

the feeling is just, deep.unexplainable. -_______________________-"

im not going to be all emotional so im going to talk about some cool stuff that happened lately.^.^

my schedule has become tighter. from morning until night. and yeah finally the renovation of our level's toilet has completed. yay! *______o

and ooh did i tell you that i already visited pyramid and makam imam syafi'e, citadel of saladin for the second time and many kind of mosques? haha its fun :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

and you know hung up at night, eat, went shopping. eh once only i dont have the guts to spend lots of money on something i dont really need. especially when we call those money we got as 'duit rakyat' -.-"


and another cool thing, haha since btn, i always knew that i know this one guy. his face seems very familiar. and i knew i know him from somewhere. so i met him here of course, and he also lives in kl. what's the odds? and i asked someone to ask about his primary school. and he's not in the same school with me. i was like, uhm okayyy. but then when i talked to mimi i started to remember something, i mean, he lives in kl, his school is veryyy near with mine, and i strongly believed i met him before. suddenly an image of him with green sampin and a songkok came across my mind. yeah, he was in the same sekolah agama with me. haha i asked someone to confirm it and yeah i was right :)))

i DO hve an ex-schoolmate here. tho im not sure whether or not he knows and i know i dont think ive talked to him before, i feel happy:D because you know i never had someone i know before, here in alex. and i studied in a normal secondary school. i dont have anyone from my school here. just knowing that theres someone from my old school is enough to make me smile ^.......^