Thursday, October 8, 2009


orientation orientation and orientation

day till night

i am getting exhausted

i want to rest

i want to sleep and wake up in the afternoon

i am asked to do things they want us to do which, i dislike.

i want to eat good food. makan skrg tak sedap :(

cepatlah abis orientasi ni. -.-

boleh g usha makanan sedap sedap :D

p/s: and btw just now was the very first time i walked without faci, i mean we were free to go wherever we liked. didn't have to follow anyone. BEST
i felt good

1 comment:

Natasha Athirah said...

welcome to the world of orientation..
yeah, i know how u feel darling..
damn exhausted!
be strong nina..
a doctor never quits..xD