Thursday, April 23, 2009

big stone

For the first time in the history of life of Nur Hanina,
facing an exam in university, in egypt.
it has been quite a long time since i had my last exam
spm? or RAE examination?
whatever it is.

The day finally arrives,

tick tock tick tock

Midterm examination; Hitology

2 chapters , 15 minutes

yes, ONE subject TWO chapters only already drove me crazy for the past week, or so.


Puteri Sepi said...

aku dah agak ko tgh exam


Tasha, kan betul kita teka?

nur hanina said...

haha mmg lahh aku da lame tak on
tapi bukan sebab exam main reason die
sbb tenet rosak!

Anonymous said...

sila kutip tag anda di page sayep. masyeh (:

Ahmed Basyir said...

haha..although late to wish..gudluck for ur exam..just relax and do ur best...:))))