Saturday, April 25, 2009

amira azman

today, i got news that A VERY VERY VERY good friend of mine here is


it really really really really tears me up because
i dont have much friend here,
and she's one of the best.

well, i believe she doesnt want to leave
and deep in her heart
she wants to stay
well at least i hope thats true
even if its not, just lie to us or else we'll be damn sad oke amy:D

i'm going to miss youuuu amy and dont forget us or i pun you in the ground
trust me!
when i finally go back to malaysia, just do what we had planned, lepak kat sunwayy.haha
dah kurang sorang dah naik teksi
slalu 5 jadi 4 org

the past 4 months++ had been great
and it wouldnt be the same without youuu
i'm feeling so set yet i'll pray for you amy,
i'm wishing you all the best.
everything happens for a reason
and i believe this has a reason too.
so goodbye for only a while
because i'm sure we'll meet again someday

p/s: kakak lepas ni adik temankan kakak eh:D dont wory


Qistienna said...

susah duh nak carik kawan yang betul2 bergelar kawan.

shifa said...

sedey gler!!!!
ill miss her so badly!!

Ahmed Basyir said...

haha..g sunway xbest..a alamanda lg best .haha