Thursday, April 30, 2009

one to three and BANG!

i hate it i hate it
i feel down since the past couple of days.
and heck ngeng, i dont even know why
amy is gone, well not exactly 'gone'
gone as in 'gonee' from here, from egypt.
it feels different and sometimes we dont even want to remember about it because whenever we think about it we feel sad.

and everything is just falling apart.
my friend in malaysia. heck yes darling i am talking about you
mr hey-i-didn't-pass-that-quiz-because-you-didn't-tell-me-about-your-updates-and-just-let-your-new-bestfriends-there-answer-the-quiz-well-plus-you-are-lying
it's not about that bloody's about everything
i'm sorry if you think that i am being bloody emotional but i can't help it. for me it's a big fuss and i am sorry for that
perhaps i am not such a good friend,
and again, i am TRULY sorry!
it's me who is wrong, because yes damn true, i am always wrong right?

i have an instinct that i'm not going back home for holiday this year
not that i'm capable of living 2 damn years straight here without going back home!
well like what omar said
"hah tiket korang 1 sept? ntah lepas ke tak satu paper pun"
and i was so pissed off
well even if we cannot go back home this year, please tell us earlier.
i havee tonss of plans on my mind
then what the hell am i supposed to do?cancel all the plans?"
i am also dying to meet everyone:(

and lately i dont really have mood to do revision
but i just sometimes forced myself to still read the book,
although i know my mind will go flying somewhere else.


Qistienna said...

sabar la nina. jgn stressed sangat. doa je byk2 biar lepas kau nak balik 1sept ni :) teruskan wat revision k? :)

Anonymous said...

sabaq k
n tabah
i know u can do it
dont ever give up
bukan senang nak dapat tempat kat sana
so, appreciate dat

ingat parents u kat sini
dey all harapkan sesuatu dari u
so jangan hampakan depa


Anonymous said...

biase la hidup jejauh ni
kuat kuat!

Ahmed Basyir said...

im sad too..i cant imagine living so far away for 2 years.xpe sabar2..just pray..insyallah:))

Afiqah Azlee said...

u seems so depressed dear.
i'll be here if u need anything okay? ;)

nur hanina said...

okay thanks everyone
thanks a lot
i do appreciate it:)