Wednesday, March 25, 2009


since everyone has become fat oh i shouldnt say fat, i should describe us as chubby!,
we decided to try a new type of exercise,


haha imagine how we made it?
by using a clothes rope!
ahaa with help of some cellotapes,
and tadaaaa.
we made it!haha
going to do skipping everyydayyy!
i want to lose weight i dont care
bloody chubby ooh now hate it hate it-.-"


Puteri Sepi said...

Let's join da club, baby!


meh masuk kelab aku meh...

sentiasa membuka tgn utk korg! :P

nur hanina said...

haha bleh je
jom ah join weh
satu pound je
datang mesir cpt skipping reramai!

Irfan F-one-R said...

aku ingat nak citer psl kau skip kelas gi dating ngan laki.. ceyt..

nur hanina said...

oi aku baik ar
tade dating dating ni