Monday, March 23, 2009

it's raining

it has been ages since the last rain.
walking down the road, 2 in the evening,
after having a big meal at kfc
my stomach was full:D

i opened the door of the restaurant,
"eh it's raining!ah i miss the smell of rain. feels like i'm already home"
the rain was not too heavy,
and we walked along the road,
i just dont know why
that was the first time i felt so good, so calm
because the surrounding was exactly like it's 6pm in the evening when it was raining in Malaysia,
I felt butterflies in my stomach,
aah the feeling i used to have during time like this,
and i just dont know why

i remember very clearly what i did during time like this one year ago
it was fun,
i really like the feeling
how time flows so fast.


Puteri Sepi said...


hari sabtu ni hari anugerah cemerlang...

so sad when i think u won't be there =((

nur hanina said...

sob sob lagi sedey bile pikir aku tak dpt g
nak pegi!!!!

Qistienna said...

jeles duh ngan ang! pandai wat poem!

nur hanina said...

ang pun pandai nye
try ar wat weh:D
aku ske bace poem