Friday, March 13, 2009

syukran jazilan:)

i actually asked my mom not to inform my result to anyone;
just keep it as a secret.
but since many many people already know it,
i dont think i need to keep it as a secret anymore-.-"

my roommates and i have been waiting for the result to come out for like, forever
i slept early after watching kabhi kushi kabhi gham
hehe and then i woke up at 3 ; 'ah its still early'
then i slept back and woke up again at 4 waiting anxiously for my result

i asked aineen

'dah tau?'


then amy's mom called her,
so she knew hers.

they made me feel even more nervous-.-"

i texted aina, she said result hasnt come out yet
so i waited and i waited

and i texted aina

' result da kuar belum?'

she replied

'da kau stret la babi'

thanks for the 'polite' word aina.
haha my mom msged she sent me my result one by one.
'BM 1A'
then a few minutes later,
'BI 1A'
and so on.

9 1A and 1 2A

i got 2a for biology
i feel so glad and thankful towards Allah swt.
without HIS help, i won't achieve it.
Allah yang tentukann semuanyaa ,


and i hope i will be able to achieve MUMTAZ in my final examination
um though kat sini tak meriah sangat amik result,

because only 20++ people came here using trial result,
and i felt disappointed because i couldn't be there with my friends there to be with them sharing all our feelings

this is my fate and i have to accept it.

here is where i belong

rakan rakan spm kat egypt; jangan jeles weh aku da dpt tgk slip result.;D hehe


Natasha Athirah said...

jelous oo..
nina pndai, smpai 9A1 lak tu...kite kalah ngn awk..
seriously, miss lak kt awak..
nak nina kt sini..huhuhu
congrats my honey!!
u deserve this success!!!
love u!!!

nur hanina said...

mane ada tasha pun 10 a gak an
hee miss you too la
tapi tak sure balik tak this year
thnks darl
you too congrats!

taqeyyabella said...

hehee tahniah!!!

silap patotnya ari tu minta nina blanjr crip! tak pon makan kat bbq.. huhuu..:p

nur hanina said...

haha eh eh takleh makan crip tgh diet
bbq mahal ar
takleh taklehh
org patut die yg blanje tak aci
ni nk blanje ni tak knal sape
nabila eh?:)

Anonymous said...

oh my oh my...
syukur alhamdulillah
im so proud of u bebeh
keep up the good work!

taqeyyabella said...

ooh tak tau lagi saya sape eh.. boleh search kat google confirm jumpe!

nur hanina said...

ooh laa pakcik ke
haha cheh dengar cm tue je pnggil pakcik
bleh ar dtg la lagi zagazig blanje saye bukan saye yang blanje eh!

taqeyyabella said...


tak best gille kene panggil pakcik!

esok saya tak pegi kot.

Nantilah bile-bile kita lepak ye!

nur hanina said...

ahaha dah mmg pakcik kene la trime kenyataan
hahahaa ooh oke cantik
dpt mkn free.yay!;D

Anonymous said...

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