Monday, March 23, 2009

The smell of victory

If I were able to decide,
I’ll stand at the front of the room,
And raise my hand high,
I’ll climb the highest mountain,
And scream at the top of my lung,
So I can hear my own voice echo,
I’ll write a song of triumph
With my name on every line of it,
So the world knows the story of victory

Everyone will say out loud
The desires and the passions;
Don’t stop climbing the hill of success
Cause we know the choice is in our own hands.


nurul eeman said...

bestnye poem.i wish i can create sesungguhnye xde bakat =P

nur hanina said...

ahaa thanks eeman
akak pun merepek je ni:D

Puteri Sepi said...

kau dah bg aku satu spirit dengan poem kau yg "merepek" ni tau x??

nur hanina said...

ahaa ye ke/?
alhamdulillah then:D