Wednesday, September 17, 2008


OMG what the hell is happening to me,
i have 2 papers waiting to be filled tomorrow;Biology
and yes, here i am, writing this stuff.

I woke up at 10. earlier than usual
and i watched grey's anatomy and ugly betty.
then i had a conversation with syiqa till 1.
and then i read biology for about half and hour and then i opened the tv again,
desperate housewives
damn i love the show but i couldn't really watch every single episode on tv because i'm too busy.
yes, busy

so the thing is, i already asked my brother to bring back manyy and manyy shows;
such as, desperate housewives of course, prison break season 3 and 4, ugly betty, private practice japanese dramas etc.
I bet i can finish them all in less than 3 months!
but dah, after spm oke.

oh i'm worry.
everytime i tried to read or study i went 'aah, ape nk bace?'
then i gave up and closed the book and here i am.
i texted almose everyone and asked whether or not they study and this is what one of my friend replied
"dah! dari pagi!"

now i feel like a lazy monkey spending half of her time a day in front of her bloody computer. haish -.-"
what's wrong with me?

i really hope and hope i wont go "oh i should have read this yesterday!'
when i get the bloody paper tomorrow or else i'll stab myself to death.
try me.


Puteri Sepi said...


u had done ur paper! ;)



the question was "bloody easy", rite?

I had done a lot of mistakes..

even for the simplest question!


as usual.. u know me, girl! :D

*psssttt... aku merepek je ni.. agaga.. menjadi semakin tidak betul menjelang paper chemistry esok! :P

Puteri Sepi said...

hey dear!

u r rite!

I won't agree if u said physics are killing us!

Physics give me a new life! :)

A new breath!

A new love!


Physics is my everything :)

Sheikh Nabil Farabi Al - Syariff said...

Don't give up Nina!.

I know you can do it!.

It is not you can't solve the problem, it is you didn't see the problem.


May Allah swt bless you.

* I've updated my recent post about the common mistake..check it out. I add 5 je.