Saturday, October 18, 2008

people i love like heaven

'setiap pertemuan pasti ada perpisahan'
i used to always hear that sentence but i never really feel i know how it feels,how it feels to say goodbye to people you love so much.maybe it isn't a real goodbyemaybe we'll meet someday but who knows by the time we meet, the feeling, the spark will not be the same.

i meet my friends almost everyday,some of them even are at the same class with me for like 5 years?we've been through many things together.we laugh we cry we fight we argue.hahaa.
how can i ever forget the time when we made the hounted house a success.yes, we were so tired and sometimes were angry with each other but hey, that's normal.

friends i will never forget.aina,i've been in the same class with her since 2003.gaga weh kite da same klas 5 taun la weh!we sneaked out from school together, ponteng skola together,ponteng kelas together.we had so much fun though sometimes we don't agree with each other.but hey,that's what friends do.ily smpai mati;DD

mariam jamilah. some call her milah and guess what?i gave her that name!hahaa.we've been friends since form 4.though we only met last year, i really really love her.hee;DDsayang milah sangat sangat smpai bile bile.nnti kwen ngn tan jangan lupe ajak oke;DD

how can i ever forget the time when tan first came into our class in 2005we all hated him like hell. he was so perasan and soo poyo we talked bad about him like million times.but who knows we'll actually been best friend when we started being in form 4?he became my best buddy ever now.haha tan i love you weh.

and habib.i've also been in the same class with him since form 1. but when we were in form 1 we weere kind of baik/well kelas arab le katekan but then since form 4 everyone became different.haha semakin jahat and everything including him. dahh siap bercouple couple ngn fatehah.heee friends forever weh;DDD

um imran yusof as known as ban.wewere close before this but not as close as this year.haha i dont know why but i do love him so muchh!!:D he's tall and thin tak abes abes "lps abes spm aku nk pegi gim nk gemok" wehhh why dont you take some of my fat because i want to be thin! damn you;DDD ilysm jugaa.0.0

and then natasha a very nice girl and a very sensitive one.hee she's clever. yes she is very clever. and also very baik.haha kalau mara die sket die da sedih though i was only joking. sory tashaa.;DD

here goes amir zulzafri the nicest guy on earth, BESOL! haha. he used to be very quiet nk gelak pun diam diam dont know wth happened to him sejak masuk form 4 he became crazy and not as quiet as before.hee. die tak pena mara orang i wonder whether he's an alien or what.or a GAY?;DD jgn maraa.

and then atiqa tiqa tiqa. a very pretty girl. hee. it's funny how we get to become kind of close because our class used to be enemies. well a and b slalu gado je. hahaha. she's nice nice and baik also. sayangg tiqa;DD

raja izzudin a very emotional guy. hee we had a very terrible argument a few months ago. and i hated him sooo much but then i realized we've been friends for 4 years. just an argument won't end our friendship. so we became friends again. hee he's a very nice guy although he looks like he's kind of crazy;DD

afif another emotional guy. haha jgn la merendah diri lagi weh. you have good things inside you but u never realize it. hee he's a very good guy afiff thanks weh hantar aku balik though aku bagi duit minyak tak cukup nnti aku bg lg eh;DD

rais rahimi;DDD hee die ni merengg la jugak. we've been friends since form 4. he made us laugh a lot and he's a nice guy. haha aina and i have seen him NAKED weh.gahaha of course in picture only when he was a little boy. hahaa kau da tak suci padan muke.;DDD

fuad ramathan he used to be a very very nice guy but he changed after a girl cheated her. adoyy jadi smakin playboy and menyakitkan hati;DD but still, i love him la because he's my friend and i always punch him and he punches me backk adoy sakit kut;D

kembar they are very brilliant bijak nak mati tension je. adoyy. always get num 1 and 2. faten and fatehah haha they're alike kut of course la name pun kembar hee. bes gado main main ngn fatenn sebab die ckp takut bile kene mara.hahaa.

hasmira. hahaa madukuu. he stole my husband. YEAH RIGHT;DD her mouth dasyat gak kadang kadangg he we used to be enemies kut when we were in form 1 to 3. when we were in form 4 mule mule gado but end of the year jadi baik plak

hehe same goes to syiqa. same story we used to be BIG BIG enemies but dah jadi baik ouh.hee he likes al-j a lot. and a very good friend to count jugak. nice to know you,girl!

zueeee. hehee she calls me minah hindustan just because i took picture in the garden that is so unfair oke!!she's fun and laughs laughs a lot. bes jugak kwn ngn die.hee

fidaus. haha he used to be the 'alim'est guy in our school but what happened? he has become so crazy. hahaa ckp pun dah lepas. hee but still, his kindness ada lagi just die tak tunjuk je. hebat hebat teruskan usaha!

irfan, bapak terer lukis. his drawings and sketchings are awesome. haha same geng ngn firdaus gak. jenis yg baik baik. hee


Puteri Sepi said...


yeah once upon a time...

I(syiqa) and hanina were enemies!

I can't see her face!

I can't hear her voice!


but, now, I love her ketat2! :)

We love to marah2 si fateen smpai dia menangis! hahahaha

we're bad! :P

but, we're nice!


so perasan! :P

ban's said...

ahaha jgn la mcam tue,
malu la aku XDD
syg kau jugak weh (: