Saturday, October 18, 2008


The clock is ticking
Time is running out
We’re rushing, it won’t wait
Now it’s time to say goodbye

Pictures of us in my desktop
Letters of theirs in my drawer
Can I ever pull them aside?
Moving on, with a new life

It’s hard to say goodbye
It hurts to turn away and leave
Wishing we can stay the way we are
But no, goodbye is the only way

Fifty years will be gone,
I’ll be standing here again
With pictures and letters in hand
Recalling the times we spent
And the laugh we shared

We’re meant to meet
We’re meant to leave
Maybe goodbye’s the only way
But never our memories fade away.
written by: nur hanina ; 17th october 2008 ; 9.40 pm

*dedicated to: my forever friends

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Puteri Sepi said...

heylo kawan!

touching la!


aku amek n letak kat blog aku taw!

spt biasa, aku link la blog kau!



Puteri Sepi said...

sayunk, u r tagged taw!

sila view my blog utk amek soklan :)