Saturday, September 13, 2008

sep 13th 08

A couple of days to go before rayaa.
and and how i'm looking foward to start planning how to get banyak duit raya this year.
simply because i have lotsss of plans waiting. that's my what-to-do-after-spm.
yeah first thing, burn all my books o.o
and textbook also i don't care pinjaman or not.
we''re planning to go to sunwayy lagoon and masuk that rumah hantu thingyy.
and watch movie every week
*aduh suddenly remember need to blanje nicholas mcd/pokai pokai
and work work work = money money money $$$$$

before i can ever think about all those stuff i planned, i need to go through something almost everyone hates ; SPM
and i'm in the middle of trial .;DDD
best takk.
i didn't get enough sleep. baru bm bi est sej ag wehh.
next week biologyy and physics and chemistry and and add math.
i'll die before the week ends i'm quite sure. -.-"

okay interesting fact; we got soalan bocor for est
the day before exam est tu i went to tusyen la suddenly i heard francesca tanye jija 'eh NGV eh kuar?' and i was like 'what?NGV?'
and i went home and i received text msg from hasmira also said NGV's going to come out.
so i searched for the info and alhamdulillah i was quite ready lah to answer
and then kuar exactly NGV and i was so excited smpai terlupe i was supposed to write a report. What i did was a normal essay. i mean that karangan type with no to title sign everything.
gaaah i was like so pissed off! 4 marks gone!
Damn damn damn
that's going to be a BIG lesson for me; never ever be too excited answering the paper and read the question and instruction very CAREFULLY!

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