Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mad Man

We were going down the street when we heard a terrifying scream. I looked at Jessica, who was just beside me,
"Did-Did you hear that?" I asked.
"What sound was that?" Replying to my question. She heard it too. I could see fear on her face.
"Wanna go and check out?"
"No way, Stacy! I'm afraid!"
"So you're just going to ignore the scream?"
"I've told you I’m afraid! Don’t you?"
"No I'm not! I am going! Someone may need our help!"
"What if anything bad happens?"
"Believe me, nothing will" I said, confidently.

I was not too sure with my decision but I pretended to be brave, in front of Jessica. Jessica is my best friend and also my next door neighbour. We were always together, day and night. Since our parents were not home, we took the chance watching movie at town and we were on our way home when we heard the scream, a very terrifying scream at a silent road which we seldom use because it was kind of creepy. Jessica and I were already late, so we decided to use the road instead of taking the main road, which will take us longer time to reach home.
I started to move towards the sound, silently. Jessica followed behind until we reached a place where bushes were around us. Uncomfortably, we moved faster and faster for about a few minutes before stopping at a spot, with a big tree in front us. We peeped from behind the big tree and started to look for something. It was way too dark but I could see something unusual, with the help of the moonlight.
"Ouch!" I saw a dead body, a woman, covered with blood. Her face was so terrible. Seems like she had been killed violently. Her eye sockets were empty. I could not see her eyes, they weren't there! Then I saw a guy beside her, playing with the dead body, stabbing her again and again. I was so terrified. I couldn't think of nothing. I couldn't even hear the sound of Jessica's breath. After a moment, I turned to Jessica. I was sure she felt the same feeling as I did. I tried to open my mouth, forcing words to come out from it.
"Jes-Jessica, can you see that?" I asked
"What are we supposed to do? I am afraid. Let’s get the hell out of here!"
"You mean, we should just leave the body, in that condition?"
"I don't care. There's nothing we can do right now. I just want to get the hell out of here. This isn't a request, this is a decision!"

I had no choice but to follow. Silently, Jessica started to walk, but after a few steps, something bad happened. I accidentally stepped on a dead branch, causing a crack sound.
"Shit!” I said while looking behind. I could see the man felt disturbed. I saw him starting to leave the body, searching for the sound and after a moment, he found us. My adrenaline suddenly increased unexpectedly as I saw him staring straight into my eyes, fiercely. I was stunned. I didn’t know why I didn’t move even for one step. I started to sweat badly. Jess was also drenched in sweat as we saw the mad man started chasing us-with a bloody axe on his hand.
I could hear Jessica's scream and my body automatically ran.
Run, run, run, I said to myself.
The sky was clear. No stars, not even one and we're running from death! I didn't look back even once, I was so afraid. The only thing in my mind was to reach home as soon as possible. I could see Jessica too, which was already a few meters ahead, running from death. We reached our neighbourhood and I saw Jessica looked behind. I forced myself to look, but the mad man wasn't behind us. We looked around, still, we couldn't find him. He was nowhere to be found. Finally, we reached our house. We stopped and took a deep breath.
"Stacy, I’m afraid"
"Cool babe, he's gone"
"What if he comes back?"
"He won’t, believe me"
"You're asking me to believe you? You asked me to believe you and I did but what happened? He will come back for us I'm sure!" she yelled. There were tears in her eyes. She tried to prevent the tears from flowing out but failed. They flowed, on her cheek.
"I'm sorry" that's the only sentence that I could say. I knew I was wrong.
"Gosh, I'm going crazy! I don’t want to see you right now. I need some time alone, okay. “She quickly took her steps into her house.

She must be so angry. I was afraid any bad thing will happen but I couldn't do anything. She didn't want to see me. I stepped inside my house, headed straight to the toilet. I stared into the mirror at the reflection of myself. Then I opened the pipe, I let the water flowed for some time. I put my hand under the flowing of water and put my hand on my face, reducing the level of my adrenaline. Then I closed the pipe and cleaned myself under the shower for quite a long time. I went out from toilet and dried myself with a towel. I took a t-shirt and a track in the drawer and wore it. I went to my room and laid there. I wanted to forget everything happened just now but the image of the woman and the mad man kept playing in my mind. The man seems so familiar. I've seen his face somewhere.
"Eh!" suddenly I remember. I quickly went to my computer, which was just beside my bed. I opened Google engine search tool and typed 'escaped criminal'.
After searching for a few moments, I found something shocking.
"OH MY GOD!!This was where I saw his face. No wonder he seems so familiar!" There he was, his face on my computer screen. He was an escaped criminal who was also suffering for mental illness. I remember seeing him while searching for my class presentation a week ago. I closed my computer and get out of my room and went downstairs. I went to the kitchen, took a glass of water and drank it, trying to calm myself down. I took a very deep breath and started to think.
"I need to warn Jessica," I said to myself.
Immediately I went out to her house but the door was open! I remember seeing the door closed before entering my house just now.
“This is weird,” I said to myself. I entered her house and called her but no one replied.
"Jessica, where are you? Stacy's here!"

Again, no one replied. I searched at the kitchen, living room, toilet, everywhere but she was nowhere to be found.
“Where is she?” I moaned. Then I move upstairs. Everything seems okay. I headed to her room. Her door was closed, I opened it slowly.
"Gosh, JES-JESSICA!!!!"
She was lying on the floor, with blood all over her body. The same way with the woman who was killed earlier. Her face was so terrible that I could barely recognize her. Tears started flowing .I tried to wake her, I shake her body, but she was not breathing.
"I have to call the police!"
I was looking for the phone when I saw something strange.
On the mirror not too far from where I was standing, I could see something written on it. I moved closer to the mirror and suddenly my tears stopped. I cleared my throat. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't speak, I couldn't even move my body.
"IF ONLY YOU GUYS WEREN'T THERE, I WONT HAVE TO KILL BOTH OF YOU", written with blood, on the surface of the mirror.
“Both of you? What does he mean? “
Am I the next victim? The thought came across my mind.
Then I heard something. From the mirror, I saw the image of the mad man who was standing at the door. He was covered with blood, holding an axe-which was also covered with blood. He was smiling staring at me through the reflection of the mirror.
"Are you ready for the moment? I can't wait for it, can you?" he said with a smile still on his face.
I couldn't even move my body but tears started to flow . I felt like in a death sentence sitting on an electric chair waiting for my life to end. I could see the man moving towards me. Within a minute, he was already behind me, swinging the axe towards my head.
Hah ha hah, he laughed
I could feel the pain, but I couldn't speak. I put my hand behind my head and I felt the warmth of blood. Then I fell, everything became darker and darker.
But still, I could hear a voice, a very evil voice,
“Have a good night sleep, darling”

Written by: Nur Hanina (5BS1)
Comments: Imran Yusoff / Fazmie (5BS1)

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