Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Okay 80++ days before SPM. Can you believe it? Less than 100 days and I'm free. but dah, less than 90 days and I'm dead meat.

Okay it is holiday but we still have extra class on sat, mon and and tuesday. Physics and Biology on tuesday which we finished the light chapter in just 2 hours. yes, TWO hours. Cool? Yeah cool because I didn't understand a thing about it!

To tell the truth, I hate Physics. No matter how hard I try to love it, i failed. I felt like dropping the subject but um they keep saying, "no no you can do it,girl" but dah, they are NOT in my situation. Okay I don't know why but alhamdulillah, maybe Allah is trying to help me because, no matter how much I hate Physics and no matter how much I feel like killing myself answering Physics questions, in exam, i never failed. I remember that one time only 7 people passed the subject and i was one of them though before that, I was bloody sure i was going to fail.But I didn't and Alhamdulillah i was glad.

Okay back to the point. So i need to do something to overcome this situation which, i went to Titian tuisyen at 9 oclock on Tuesday. The thing is, I am already in STA, a tuition centre which is situated just BESIDE Titian Cahaya and the best part is, I have class in Sta also from 8pm-10pm. So i went to STA for an hour for math, with the teacher who goes 'eh,eh eh' and 'are you not interested here? aiyoh just wasting your time and my time also . Waste money also.Why dont you keep quiet instead of go hu ha hu ha' everytime the class is noisy. haha she's funny but need to respect her also as a teacher although i keep talking and talking in class with Miera.;DD .Back to our topic AGAIN.

Hum so at 9 pm i just 'buat muke slambe' join the other guys who do not take English class and went out. Thank God the woman at the counter didn't recognise me or else I'm dead because i don't know what the hell to answer. So I texted Syiqa and told her i was downstairs and she came out. I followed her to the class where hell yes i knew about 3/4 of the students which I didn't really want to meet such as my ex-schoolmates and my classmates. And I just look nowhere and just sit at the place Syiqa 'booked' for me.haha.

Damn he taught well. The thing is, that was my first time learning LIGHT. Okay fine, i learned light once that morning with my school teacher. I just couldn't concentrate and she asked us to read some of the parts which she thinks we can read by our ownselves. The thing is i read that chapter before and i just understand about 20%. And back in tuiton. Al-j taught us light and they went 'ooh okay okay' everytime he explained something. But me, i went 'WHAT THE HELL'! I was trying to understand the concept of concave and convex and i tried to sketched the arrow arrow thingy in the book but some of the students had already done the spm questions he asked us to do after doing the arrow arrow thingy.

Adoy how hard life can be.

I really want to get straight a's for my spm including physics and i'm working on it/ er am i? I've been so lazy nowadays don't know wth is wrong with me but i know i have to work harder and harder so that i will get what i always wanted; all a's on my slip!

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Puteri Sepi said...

nina, physics is nice if u learn from al-j!


my guy!


lurve him so much!

more than myself! :)

Won't forget him..

will love him till my last breath!