Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This Crazy World

People may scream
People may cry
The sun might disappear
When the world starts to fright

The rain may fall
The river may dry
One life may be lost
When everyone starts to fight

How can I ever live in a place like this?
A place where everything seems to go wrong
Where the light seems to disappear
Where the laugh seems to stop

In this world of ours
The egos of the humans
Kill the hopes of the children
Their lives are lived in fears
And all we got to see
Are the faces of disappointment

This world is getting darker
Darker and darker
Now we can no longer see
The smiles of the children
The joy of the fun
And when the time comes
We sure can no longer see
The faces of tomorrow

By: Nur Hanina January 5th 2008

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