Wednesday, September 17, 2008

eat and eat and eat

the first thing i do when i know my parents won't be home for a couple of days;

invite some of my friends to come over my house and cook!
yea, for me, cooking is fun,
if and only if the food i'm going to cook is something that i love to eat

so there was a day my parents were out somewhere so i invited hannah, nisa and raudhah to come over.
our menu for that day;

1) fried macaroni
2) mashed potato
3) float and jelly

i cooked penuh a periuk kut and we were all 5 including my little brother so imagine, us eating all the food!
uh that's one of the reason , me, become too chubby -.-"
don't blame me, blame the food;DDD

fried macaroni was okay, mashed potato, er hannah liked it but we didn't. haha it was okay but not extremely delicious .

hee first try not bad right.

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