Monday, September 15, 2008

a piece of heart

i always needed someone to hear what i wanted to say.
and thanks to teacher yazlina for comforting me,
and made me think more rationally.
about how i'm feeling,
about what i was about to do.
about someone i wanted to forget.
about someone i tried to hate.
uhm, teacher said i will regret if i forget him.
just go with the flow and act normal.
i really wish i can do that,
i really wish i can pretend nothing is happening,
i'm not that strong,
i'm a weak person trying so hard to become strong,
to just ignore my own feeling,
i failed..
and i hate it.
this heartache is killing me dude!
deep inside me wanting to just throw the memories away
but she said 'when you grow up, everything happens will become your memory'
and yes i believe that.
i believe that everything happens for a reason.
i believe that this is what i need to face to become a stronger person.
this is what i have to face to face a bigger and bigger challenges and obstacles.
this is just something stupid.
a feeling that a normal person feels.
be strong nina!
you're not alone .everyone is around you whenever you need them,
everything is meant to happen.
Allah almighty knows better
He knows the best,
I will try my best to keep on working hard in facing all my problems in life;D

thanks for being my shoulder to cry.

1 comment:

Puteri Sepi said...

nina ku sayunk,

I think la kan..

ape yg teacher ckp tu btol!

when we grow up, everything happen will be our memories! :)

same with me la :X

one day, Al-J will be my memory

my sweet memory!

my sweetest memory!

cinta monyet ni akn berakhir sebaik aje aku tinggalkan uniform skola aku


ntah la

I hope so!