Wednesday, September 17, 2008

big apple.

a few weeks ago i went to lcct to take my brother yg baru smpai,
and then we went to low yat.
my father helped his friend to buy a new laptop;

so we waited at starbucks which is beside big apple and waited there for quite a long time
5 hours, uh not quite a long time but a really long time

so we ordered some doughnuts and ate them all
makan je tauu.

well to be honest the doughnuts were kind of delicious.
i only bought 2 boxes, each box containing 6 doughnuts.
but a big no no to the green one,
haha as you can see in the second picture,
maybe because i hate green tea. yeucks. i wonder how some people can even drink the tea. adoy
and people keep comparing big apple with j co. some say j co is better some say big apple is better but i think both are the same.
hahaa. not good in comparing . i eat everything tak kire sedap ke tak.haha

i was so boring that day, you know, low yat.
everything is about electrical stuff really not something i'm interested in
so after waited for some time and had a conversation with my cousins i went inside and i saw a famous amos shop . kebetulan that time i was messaging one of my friend he asked me to buy famous amos for him.
luckily i have extra money kalau tak jgn harap nk beli -.-"
then i walked inside to find something interesting to do but there was nothing.
i went home at 6 tak sempat pulak pegi tusyen.


Puteri Sepi said...
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Puteri Sepi said...


i know who was your friend that asked u famous amos!


i know!

i know!

i know!